Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Midtown Eczema –

Midtown eczemaMeet with Midtown eczema specialists from NSS Dermatology when looking for a safe, effective treatment that really works. You've tried every cream on the market without seeing positive results, but you're not sure what will work to get rid of eczema. Phototherapy is the newest way to see clear skin, and is available in our office.

Med spa Kansas

Heartland Dermatology

700 Medical Center Dr. STE 101
Newton KS 67114 US
316 282 8100

Over the past several years, we have worked towards providing advanced dermatology care across the state of Kansas. In 2018, we became the local Dermatologist in Newton. Offering advanced dermatology in Newton along with other locations across Kansas, allows us to best serve our communities. If you are looking for a Dermatologist in Newton, Concordia or any of our other convenient locations, Heartland Dermatology is here for you.

Back Brace Through Medicare

Can I get a back brace through Medicare? There are many different styles of back braces covered by Medicare insurance; the question is, which one can provide the most support. Affinity Medical Supplies carries MetForce back braces, one of the most popular options on the market. Find out if you’re eligible when you call our helpline.

Family Driven Recovery

Substance abuse damages family dynamics, trust, and creates destructive communication. Family members who experience a family member faced with a substance abuse issue often suffer a from of excruciating emotions. Equally frustrating is the hopelessness loved ones feel in response to substance abuse. Family members may feel at a loss when seeing a loved one caught in the grips of substance abuse. For example, stumbling upon burnt spoons, vapes, burnt foil and used syringes can create paralyzing feelings of fear and shock. Family Driven Recovery

home care assistance San Jose

For exceptional home care assistance in San Jose, turn to Nu Care. We provide personalized services, including personal care, medication management, companionship, and light housekeeping, all designed to enhance your well-being and promote independence. At Nu Care, we are committed to delivering compassionate and comprehensive home care assistance specifically tailored to your needs in San Jose.

Occupational Therapy Textbooks

Books of Discovery

2430 Broadway Suite #200
Boulder CO 80304 US
+1 800-775-9227

Books of Discovery provides top-quality occupational therapy textbooks to help students and practitioners gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become masters in the field. Our textbooks are designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of occupational therapy theory and hands-on techniques. With our textbooks, you can learn valuable skills such as assessments, interventions, activity analysis and more. Choose Books of Discovery for your occupational therapy textbook needs and take your first step towards becoming a skilled practitioner in this dynamic field.

Edi 835 To Excel


PO Box 1164
Mount Airy MD 21771    US
(301) 924-5537 

At HIPAAsuite, we understand the critical need for seamless integration of healthcare transaction data, and our commitment to this need is embodied in our expertise with “EDI 835 to Excel” conversions. The Claim Payment Master 835, one of our flagship offerings, is designed to effortlessly translate complex EDI 835 files into user-friendly Excel spreadsheets. This transformation allows healthcare professionals to easily analyze claim payment data without the hassle of navigating through the intricacies of EDI formats. By prioritizing accessibility and simplicity, we foster efficiency and clarity for our clients, enabling them to direct their focus on providing top-tier healthcare services instead of wrangling data. Our mission is to make HIPAA EDI software approachable and affordable for healthcare entities of all sizes, and our solutions like the Claim Payment Master 835 reflect our unwavering dedication to this goal, ensuring that our customers always stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of healthcare data management.