Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Midtown Pediatric Dermatology –

Midtown pediatric dermatologyConsult with Midtown pediatric dermatology specialists from NSS Dermatology when looking for a compassionate team of skin doctors to treat your child. Not all dermatologists are qualified to treat younger patients or have a bedside manner consistent with how you want your child to be treated. Schedule a meeting with our staff by phone for a televisit or in-person appointment. Dr Susan Bard has received extensive training in pediatric dermatology and our providers Dr Tatyana Groysman Dr Miri Lieberman and Samantha Busgith FNP (Columbia University) are mothers of small children themselves.

Residential Treatment For Depression

Legacy Recovery Center

At Legacy Recovery Center, we deeply understand the complex nature of battling depression, and it's why we've meticulously cultivated our residential treatment for depression to provide a sanctuary for healing and renewal. Our team, anchored by seasoned psychiatrists, recognizes that each journey to wellness is profoundly personal, which is why we design bespoke treatment plans that encompass a blend of psychotherapy, psychiatric care, and medication-assisted treatment. Here in the serenity of Chandler, Arizona, our clients find solace within a comforting residential setting that feels more like home than a clinic, with amenities that foster relaxation and introspection. Engaging in our community of support, clients are embraced by a culture of dignity and respect as they develop the resilience and skills to navigate life's challenges. We are not just treating symptoms; we're nurturing whole individuals on their path to lasting stability and joy.

Rehab Centers In Arizona

Silver Sands Recovery

More and more rehab centers in Arizona are seeing results from treating addiction at the core of where it started. Silver Sands Recovery has been using dual diagnosis treatment long before most other rehabs had even heard of this innovative program. Get the help you need for addiction at SSR, where you’ll find a long history of success in treating addiction.

Cosmetic Dentist Miami

Smile Creators by Dr. Ripa

1048 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor Islands FL 33154 US

Unlock your smile's full potential with a Cosmetic Dentist in Miami. At Smile Creators, we specialize in enhancing your dental aesthetics. From teeth whitening to veneers, our range of cosmetic dental services can transform your smile. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve the confident and radiant smile you deserve. Experience the artistry of cosmetic dentistry at Smile Creators in Miami. Smile Creators by Dr. Ripa

Intensive Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Treatment Center

12233 Ranch Road 620 N Ste 107
Austin TX 78750 US

Intensive scoliosis treatment that results in recovery starts with precision x-rays at our Scoliosis Treatment Center. Our staff understands there’s no one adjustment or treatment that works for all patients, which is why your treatment plan will be created uniquely to meet your needs. We make use of the CLEAR Protocol for the best possible outcome.

Social Service Organization Contra Costa County

Trinity Center

1888 Trinity Avenue
Walnut Creek CA 94596 US
+1 925-949-8712

As a bedrock Social Service Organization in Contra Costa County, at Trinity Center, we are deeply committed to alleviating the hardships faced by our community’s most vulnerable inhabitants. Our team works with unwavering dedication, providing pivotal safety net services that resonate with dignity, respect, and a relentless pursuit of equity. From our strategic locale at 1888 Trinity Ave., Walnut Creek, we open our doors wide, Monday through Friday, offering a sanctuary and support system for unsheltered and unstably housed adults striving towards a life of stability and vibrancy. Our multifaceted programs, including Housing Focused Case Management and Workforce Development, are meticulously designed to forge pathways from poverty to empowerment. As stewards of compassion, we are actively shaping the landscape of social services in Contra Costa County, championing the cause of the disenfranchised with every meal served, every job secured, and every life uplifted.

Bipolar Treatment Centers California

As one of the leading bipolar treatment centers in California, Empower Residential Wellness is deeply committed to offering exceptional care to those grappling with Bipolar Disorders. Our approach is rooted in understanding the complexity of this condition, which is why we have designed an environment at Bassett House that fosters recovery through a blend of evidence-based treatments and holistic practices. We pride ourselves on our specialized programs, which prioritize a high staff-to-patient ratio, ensuring personalized attention and support. In our serene inpatient facility, every individual’s treatment plan is carefully tailored to their unique needs, with a focus on fostering neuroplasticity, mastering daily living skills, and utilizing therapeutic techniques like DBT and CBT. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to set a standard for excellence in bipolar treatment across California, providing a pathway to stability and wellness for every individual in our care.