Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Caring for You

Is Our Specialty

Sarasota Life Coach

Sarasota Life Coach

Are you at a stage in your life where you don’t know what to do with your future? Have you recently gone through a traumatic event that’s left you in shambles? The Sarasota life coach is here to bring light into the darkness of sadness, uncertainty, and grief. Tammy Barnet is the one person that can help you find your own way in life.

What does a life coach do?

As a personal life coach, my only goal in all of this is to help you achieve personal satisfaction in your life. Maybe you want to overcome a recent grievous event that’s caused you to become isolated and depressed. Perhaps you want to do something, but you fear the consequences, and this prevents you from acting. Through one-on-one talking sessions, I will help you discover your own identity.

Amidst life’s crises and unforeseen events that pull at your heartstrings, there is only so much you can do by yourself. At a certain moment, you will need someone to talk to, a person who can objectively look at your life. You need the ideal solutions to real-world problems that you’ve never faced before. That’s where I come in, and my role is simply to teach you how to survive and prosper.

The advantages of individual life coaching

An essential understanding of individual coaching is that it allows a single person to receive valuable and unique inputs related to specific events. Of course, you could be having problems with life in general, and in that case, I will try to narrow it down to a few specific problems.

If you’re thinking about an individual coaching plan, then you can choose from the following plans:

  • Package 1 – a 90-minute individual session for $85 (at the office or by phone)
  • Package 2 – two monthly 90-minute sessions for $160 (at the office or by phone)
  • Package 3 – a 50-minute session for $65 (at the office or by phone)

How to find your way in life

When all else fails, and you still don’t know which road to head on in life, then you need a life coach to help you. I pride myself on being the reason why many people find happiness and professional success.

As the best Sarasota life coach, I bring compassion, respect, and a healthy dose of self-awareness to my clients. Don’t think that your problem is unsolvable, and that life is over for you. It is not, and as a life coach, I will prove that to you.

Why do I need a life coach?

Before, you would have had to figure life out by yourself, but now, you can ask someone knowledgeable. As a Sarasota life coach, I help the people in this community achieve peace with themselves.

Tammy Barnet offers guidance, emotional support, compassion, and encouragement to anyone who’s not sure of who they are anymore. Life will send many difficult situations in your direction, and you need to know how to best approach each one. I will teach you the principles behind a happy and fulfilling life.

Sarasota Life Coach

Tammy Barnett

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